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X-CAM Vibration Detector

X-CAM Vibration Detector

Product name:X-CAM Vibration Detector



Sampling frequency: 500Hz
Amplitude range: -2g to +2g
Frequency range:   1 to 200Hz
Max record time:   180 sec
Input voltage: 5 - 6V 

         Vibration Detector x 1
         Servo wire x 1
         USB Adapter x 1
         Servo Y wire x 1 (only for COMBO version)

Launch ways:
1.        By manual: There a switch on the left side of the device, hold for 3 seconds for start work
2.        By remote controller: Setup a switch channel for start.
 The receiver provides the device 5v or 6v voltage for work, make sure anode and cathode is connected with correct.
Connect to PC
 Use attached USB adapter wire to connect PC, it does not need other power.

 Vibration Detector analysis software provides 2 main charts
1.        Time domain chart
 Time domain chart for sensor based on continuous time return amplitude data, this data can probably understand the circumstance of vibration, but can not do the actual data of judgment, because in the time domain data no frequency information, so can not understand the amplitude in a band.
 This indicates that in the 133 seconds of continuous motion weighted average data according to the time line, we can see the entire flight vibration is not stable, vibration changes a lot

2.        Frequency domain chart
       Frequency domain is based on the frequency of amplitude reference line reflects, from this figure, we can understand that the amplitude frequency
     The frequency domain weighted average data map after conversion

The Vibration Player PC allows user can see the vibration curve during playing the flight video

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